The finance industry is driven by numbers and well-defined style boxes. While numbers matter, it’s people who create performance. Through postings on a variety of topics, Zevenbergen Capital hopes to showcase our people and give current and potential investors a clear window into our process, philosophy and thought leadership in a candid forum.

ZCI's Inaugural First Mover Investor Night

06/19/2018 by Lea Gariando, CFA

Genea Strategy Featured in Pensions & Investments

Articles & Interviews

05/21/2018 by Herb Albin


Zevenbergen’s Genea strategy, formerly known as ZTech, is again a P&I Top Performer.

PI Genea 051418

Celebrating Path with Art’s 10th Anniversary


05/15/2018 by Dani Blanchard


In celebration of the transformative power of art and creative expression, Zevenbergen Capital recently sponsored Path with Art’s 10th Anniversary Luncheon.

2018 Henry Gala


04/27/2018 by Ann Kubalanza

AZ Speech and Room View

ZCI Welcomes Seattle University Redhawk Fund!

04/23/2018 by Lea Gariando, CFA

SU 042018